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Spinalonga is a magnificent island with fortresses dating from the Venetian period. It is an island of legends, a triumph to survival in the early 20th century from the scourge of leprosy, now a place of great archaeological and historical significance.

Location & Plan

Nostos Cruises operates the only fully organized cruise to Spinalonga which includes detailed information from our experienced guides and onboard guided tours in English, German, Dutch, French, Russian, etc. as well as during your walk around the island (guided tour English, German, Dutch, French).

You will have the opportunity to visit the Interpretive Centre there and discover the settlements of the victims and survivors of this former illness, explore the Venetian fortifications, and learn all about the long and fascinating history of the island. The cruise then continues, passing along other points of interest in the Bay of Mirabello such as the cave of the legendary Pirate Barbarossa, the sunken ancient City of Olous, and the island where the endemic and hardy Cretan Kri Kri goats live. You will also have time to relax and swim in the exquisite turquoise waters of Kolokytha Bay. 

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Our boat (length 40m) features two bars, a lounge, and a restaurant serving Greek and international cuisine at reasonable prices with high-quality service from our experienced crew.


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Plan your own cruise following the route of your choice, according to your personal schedule.

Experience a boat trip on the bright blue Mirabello Bay with this unforgettable cruise from Agios Nikolaos.

This cruise is specially designed for fishing enthusiasts and offers a unique perspective of Mirabello Bay and the Gulf of Elounda.

A fun and sun cruise with a barbeque by the sea, relaxing moments around the surreal Kolokytha Bay and an exceptional visit to the stunning and historic island of Spinalonga.